• Pancawati Dewi
  • Minarni Nur Trilita
  • Muchlisiniyati Safeyah



Hearth, shape, function, characteristic, location.


The use of hearth in Nusantara (especially in Indonesia) all this time shows a remarkable diversity. An important role is also shown through the location and activities around it. Genealogy of hearth in Nusantara can show the evolution occurred in the use of hearth. Through the typology approach and interpretive-historical method, genealogy can be arranged based on the form or shape, function, characteristics and location of the hearth in the house in Nusantara. Genealogy of hearth in Nusantara shows the sustainability efforts from society in Indonesia in adapting and making innovations to the changing times. Technology is used wisely without having to leave the tradition that formed the life pattern of society in Nusantara.


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