ADEDEJI Joseph Adeniran, FADAMIRO Joseph Akinlabi


The subjects, building setbacks and landscape quality, can be considered as “duo” in view of their interwoven relationships as major determinants of open space quality in residential neighbourhoods. In view of the numerous benefits and functions of residential open spaces, these were examined in LAUTECH neighbourhood. The purpose was to assess the compliance level of these land use and outdoor quality variables with the Nigerian planning regulations to guide future developments in these sprawling neighbourhoods. A total sample size of 150 buildings was selected from the study population using stratified method. Direct measurement and observation of these variables was carried out. Result of a descriptive statistical analysis of the data obtained shows that there is a general poor conformity of setbacks, width of access roads and nature of fence to planning standards. These negatively affect building massing and the non-standard open spaces left were poorly landscaped. There were correlations between building setbacks and landscape quality. The result informed recommendations on these subjects for neighbourhoods that abut institutional campuses in general.


LAUTECH, setback, landscape, open spaces, residential neighbourhood.

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