HOUSING QUALITY IN SUBURBAN AREAS (An Empirical Study of Oba-Ile, Nigeria)

OLOTUAH OLOTUAH, Abiodun Olukayode


This paper discusses the housing quality in a city suburb, Oba-lle, which is a few kilometers from Akure, the capital city of Ondo State Nigeria. It reports finding from a research on housing studies in the study area. A linear model was developed through multiple regression analysis for the prediction of housing quality of the buildings therein. Three independent variables were found to be predictors of the dependent or criterion variable; these were Use of Toilet, Age of Buildings, and Frequency of Collection of Refuse. The regression coefficients of the predictor variables described the values by which the dependent variable (Housing quality) would change as a result of a unit change in any of the predictor variables. The model is thus pivotal in determining strategies for the improvement of housing quality in the study area.


correlates, housing, model, suburban, quality.

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