Tanuwidjaja GUNAWAN, Luciana KRISTANTO, Feny ELSIANA, Juniar YUSANI, Maria Marsha HARYOGO, Sastra BUDIHARDJA


The Cardiovascular diseases have become the top killer since 1970 worldwide. In 2005, it was recorded the present of 5.7 million stroke survivors. On the other hand, healing stroke and its related complications required much more considerable time. So the patients’ wards quality especially related to wall colour become very important for the patients' recovery. The study was conducted with exploratory methods combining visual methods of research and Luscher colour test. Series of interviews were conducted to gather the users’ perception. So, it was found on that blue wall colour calmed the medical personals, patients, and their family. The most soothing Blue colour variant according to respondents was the Artic Blue (hue 9.8 B, value 7.4 and chroma 5.6).


Wall colour; perception; stroke patient’s ward.

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