KHAMDEVI, Muhammar


Who knows about Kampong Lengkong Ulama, Serpong? Perhaps it has been known by "the sarong people", because it echoed only in the religious media. In 1983, there was a history book about this village, included essays and translations from ancient texts, written by local leaders; Ustadz Mukri Mian, without published. In 2009, there was a book written by Indonesian archaeologist; Uka Tjandrasasmita. Until now, he is the only person who researches about this village from archaeology perspective. He did not mention about the typical pattern of this village, as Ustadz Mukri Mian described in his book, that the position of the buildings follows the Qibla. Is the settlement pattern of Kampong Lengkong Ulama follows the Qibla? This paper is a new research to study the pattern of this village. This study uses qualitative method from architecture perspective. The research conclusion is that the pattern of Kampong Lengkong Ulama really follows the Qibla direction and situated by the river that also follows the Qibla. In addition, the placement of the tomb of the founder of this village on the hill has the same concept with the general concept in Javanese community and kingdoms about the world and the hereafter.


Historic village, conservation, rural urban.

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