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In the past ten years, there have been intense developments in the application of energy savings in buildings and high technology glass invented in all over the regions of the world. The complexity of curtain-glass used in buildings is always crucial related to energy savings and climatic nature in every region of the world. More specifically this paper will observe the direct and global solar radiation behaviours that have impacts on building envelopes in every orientation, horizontal and slope surfaces. Because of the limited data of the solar radiation behaviours in every region in Indonesia, public (building or residence owners) and solar hot water supplier actually do not know the accurate orientations and tilt angles for gaining maximum solar heat radiation. Moreover, the local or foreign building consultants often act in different ways for designing building façades-mostly by applying curtain-glasses instead of curtain-walls on the building without concerning the tropical hot humid climate of Surabaya. This paper will try to give an outline of the failures of the curtain-glass building facades built and some post-modern buildings outlook in fashions which cause energy wasting. Obviously, the sustainability of the curtain-glass building is wasting energy in term of applying air condition buildings in Surabaya.


Sustainability, Building Facades, Fashions

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